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(Pocket-lint) - It had been a little quiet on the Huawei P40 leaks front, but that has changed rapidly, with detailed images appearing showing the P40, the P40 Pro shown here and a super version being called the P40 Pro Premium Edition. 

These new Huawei P40 Pro images, thanks to Android Headlines, show off all the angles of the forthcoming phone, revealing that it's going to have a quad Leica camera system on the rear, a double punch hole camera on the front and physical buttons. 

That's all looking fairly familiar now as we've seen these details confirmed from a number of sources, but what hasn't always been clear is how many handsets Huawei might be releasing. There had, until recently, been some debate over the number of cameras on the rear of the Pro - until the Premium Edition was revealed, that is.

Down to the interesting camera details: the rear unit shows four cameras and one of these is a periscope telephoto. The small print in the image says 18-125, which is the same as the cameras on the P30 Pro, so it's a 5x telephoto camera on the rear. Contrast that to the Premium Edition which is 18-240 because it's got a 10x telephoto system.

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We're assuming that we have a 64-megapixel main sensor here, along with the wide angle and finally that zoom. The additional sensor is probably a time-of-flight sensor. 

91MobilesHuawei P40 Pro image 2

As for the other specs, we're looking at a Kirin 990 device with a 6.5-6.7-inch display, according to leaked specs and it's going to come in a full range of colours, as we've seen thanks to 91Mobiles. 

Of course, at the moment Huawei is on course to launch these devices without Google services, aiming to supplant Huawei Mobile Services in their place. Whether those will satisfy those Android users who want seamless Google integration, remains to be seen. 

Writing by Chris Hall.