(Pocket-lint) - While most companies used IFA 2019 to launch big new products in a number of categories, Huawei took a more considered approach, saving its big reveal for a later date, when it'll launch the Mate 30 series. 

Instead, it took the opportunity to tell us more about its next flagship smartphone processor - the Kirin 990 - as well as showing off its AirPods-like earphones and bringing a fresh new coat of paint to its current flagship P-series. 

Huawei has unveiled two new colours for its P30 Pro handset, and we think these might just be the best looking and most sensible finishes to date. Taking a step away from the multi-coloured and multi-layered effects, Huawei has gone with a more subtle approach for the its latest two additions: Misty Lavender and Misty Blue. 


Rather than be quite flash and eye catching, the latest two finishes are much more subtle and considered. They don't shout to be given attention, they're classy and good looking, without showing off, and that may just attract a new demographic of smartphone buyer. 

What we really appreciate is the two tone texture on the back. It's a finish we've seen before from other manufacturers on the likes of the Pixel 3 series and the HTC Desire 12S. The majority of the back - the bottom two thirds - has a soft frosted appearance, while the top third is glossy and reflective like a mirror.

Run your finger along the back and you'll notice the different visual finishes are matched by corresponding textures. The top, feeling shiny and slippery, with a much more textured finish to the bottom portion. 


As you'd suspect from any modern premium smartphone, the metal edges running around the sides and the top of the phone are also colour coded to match the glass finish on the back. Even the buttons on the sides are designed to blend into this single-tone, dual-texture device. 

While we've always been impressed by the multi-coloured gradients on some of the popular Android smartphones in recent years, there's something really understated about this new pair of colours. It shows restraint, rather than showing off, it's shown what it can achieve with different textures, without trying to colour-match a bowl of Fruit Loops. 

The new colours will be available to buy from 20 September.  


Writing by Cam Bunton.