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(Pocket-lint) - As the trade stand-off between China and the US continues, President Trump has come forward to confirm that he doesn't want to talk about Huawei.

With stark comments coming from Trump, it doesn't look likely that Huawei is going to get any reprieve from its current classification as a security risk. 

"It's a national security concern. Huawei is a big concern of our military, of our intelligence agencies, and we are not doing business with Huawei," Trump is reported to have said according to Reuters.

There had been a time when Huawei's future appeared to be linked to China, that the telecoms company would form part of a trade deal between the two countries, but judging by the latest comments from Trump, that seems unlikely.

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While many of the security concerns appear to be related to Huawei's position as a network infrastructure provider, the knock-on effect on its consumer business is all too apparent. With US companies unable to work with Huawei, many key players are now losing out - like Google. 

The question of whether Huawei will launch its next device - the Huawei Mate 30 - running on Android or its alternative HarmonyOS remains unanswered and that's likely to cause problems when it comes to the launch of this device later in September. Huawei has said that it wants to launch on Android and continue to work with Android - but it might be that it's impossible to do so.

"And we'll see what happens with respect to China, but Huawei has been not a player that we want to discuss," said Trump. So that's that.

Writing by Chris Hall.