Huawei's presence at IFA 2019 is a given. Despite its tumultuous year so far, it's one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and Europe is a big market for its smartphone division. 

Media usually get a look at upcoming products on 4-5 September, but Huawei is taking a step away from the two hectic press days, by having its press conference on the Friday. 

When is the Huawei IFA 2019 press conference?

Unlike most of the other big-name manufacturers at IFA 2019, Huawei is holding its press conference early on Friday, 6 September 2019. In doing so, it's completely avoiding the busy-ness of the Thursday. 

As is usually the case, Huawei will only open the press conference to invited media, Huawei staff and partners. You will, however, be able to watch the live stream as the event takes place at the following times in various timezones. 

  • London - 9:30am BST
  • New York - 4:30am EDT
  • San Francisco - 1:30am PST
  • Mumbai - 3:00pm IST
  • Tokyo - 5:30pm JST

Where can I watch the live stream? 

The simple answer is: right here. Huawei is making the livestream available to all via YouTube, and we've embedded it right at the top of this page. So bookmark this article and come back on Friday, or click the YouTube link within the video if you'd like to join in with the live chatter on YouTube. 

What are we expecting? 

There are so many things Huawei could show off, or offer a sneak peak of during the IFA 2019 press conference. With the year its had, flirting with US trade bans, developing its own software and many other stories, the company could use it for many points of discussion. 

Huawei has confirmed that it will launch the Watch GT 2 smartwatch soon, but that could just as easily be launched alongside the Mate 30 series later in the month. It may not make an appearance at IFA. 

We could also see something of a glimpse at what the manufacturer's home-baked software looks like on a smartphone. HongMeng - or HarmonyOS as it's known in the west - is being developed primarily for smarthome and IOT solutions, but it can be adapted to fit a plethora of products. 

With Huawei's situation with Google partnership being currently unclear, the company has been forced to work on a so-called "plan b" in order to prepare for a possible future away from the official Google Android platform. 

That most likely means building its EMUI smartphone skin on top of Harmony OS, and we may just get to see this in action. Or Huawei may continue to keep its cards close to its chest until the US/China trade ban is resolved with at least some semblance of finality.