Huawei has revealed EMUI 10 - a software update coming to new Huawei Android devices as well as many older devices from the last couple of years.

EMUI is a Huawei-designed user interface that sits on top of Google's Android. In this case, EMUI 10 works on top of Android Q and the early beta shown off at Huawei's Developer Conference even had some capabilities not yet on the Android Q beta for the Google Pixel series of phones. 

It will be running on the upcoming Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, though there remains a little speculation that the Mate 30 Lite could run Huawei's new operating system HarmonyOS (although Huawei said it could come to other devices like smartwatches before it comes to phones). 

Android Q will come to the previously-announced list of handsets below, starting with the P30 series.

Huawei says that Huawei P30 and P30 Pro users worldwide will be the first to try EMUI 10 starting immediately. That is a beta version, however, and not everybody will get it. The update will then be rolled out to all P30 and P30 Pro users from 8 September. As Android Q underpins EMUI 10, we're expecting that Android Q will be finalised over the coming days, too. 

The Huawei-Google relationship has been had a major challenge recently because of the US trade ban on Huawei, but Google and others put pressure on the US Government which has now said that Huawei can deal with US companies on matters not relating to national security. 

EMUI 10 key features

EMUI 10 boasts various enhancements including a dark mode. There's also a refined interface across the board with various font and other design changes. New themes will be inspired by the environment, the company says.

The dark mode is actually part of Android Q, but Huawei has added to the feature within EMUI 10 - although usually, apps need to have dark mode added by the developer, EMUI is able to make any app dark even if they have not been developed to be that way. It sounds like a good feature, though we'd imagine it will make some apps look rather odd. 

The Camera app has been tweaked in terms of design, while you'll now be able to swipe up on the home screen to get to the app drawer - at last! You can also now swipe up to go to the home screen from an app.

The Settings app has also been improved to make it easier to find what you most regularly use - these will be placed at the top of the list while other settings have been grouped together better. There's also a new Quick Settings panel (the drop-down settings at the top of the screen) to make it easier to do things one-handed, and some of the design has been refined with new animations. 

Huawei adds that EMUI 10 is designed to make working across multiple devices easier, especially when working alongside a Windows 10 PC - you'll be able to cast the phone's user interface across to the PC easily. There's also a new photo gallery plus a Digital Wellbeing app.  

Huawei phones that'll get the Android Q/EMUI 10 update

  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Huawei P30
  • Huawei Mate 20
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 20 RS
  • Huawei P30 lite
  • Huawei P smart 2019
  • Huawei P smart+ 2019
  • Huawei P smart Z
  • Huawei Mate 20 X
  • Huawei Mate 20 X 5G
  • Huawei P20 Pro
  • Huawei P20
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10
  • Huawei Mate 10
  • Huawei Mate 20 Lite

Honor phones that'll get the Android Q/EMUI 10 update

  • Honor 8X
  • Honor 10
  • Honor 20
  • Honor 20i/20 Lite
  • Honor 20 Pro