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(Pocket-lint) - In June, we discovered that both Oppo and Xiaomi are working on phone front-camera tech that doesn't require a notch, punch-hole cut-out or pop-up unit. They are testing under-display camera technology that is not visible to users when looking at the screen, but can still take good selfie images.

Now it has emerged that another Chinese manufacturer is working on similar tech. A Huawei patent, published on the German patent office's website (DPMA) shows a phone screen design that appears to have an under-display camera in the top left-hand corner.

Where you can clearly see the camera in some of the supported images filed with the DPMA, you can also see it integrated with other on-screen functions in others.

Cleverly, the information beside the camera includes the actual picture mode chosen when taking a selfie. That means you not only know exactly where to look, but don't have to look down again to select a different image type.

Of course, as a patent there is no guarantee Huawei will continue with these plans or it might have moved onto a different type of under-display camera technology.

However, the registration and filing date of the patent was 29 March this year (it was first published at the end of June) which is relatively recent when it comes to these sorts of things, so who knows?

Writing by Rik Henderson.