(Pocket-lint) - A leaked product roadmap suggests Huawei is planning to launch 5G models of its Mate 30 series phones in December. 

In this product lineup - published by Hi-Tech - the already-announced 5G Mate 20 X and foldable Mate X are listed with July 2019 and September 2019 launches respectively. 

Huawei had already confirmed that the Mate X will be out by September, and the 5G Mate 20 X was meant to be part of the UK 5G launch on a couple of carriers, but due to recent concerns surrounding the company, that didn't happen. 

As for the Mate 30 series, it has been expected that the launch will take place in October. It's been the norm for the past few years, so to see it come out in December would definitely be later than we'd usually be looking to see it. 


It is worth noting, however, that this mention is specifically for 5G models, which could be released later. And with it being Russia, there's the possibility that this territory has a later rollout than the first wave of launch locations.  

Huawei, of course has been in the news a lot recently, and for good reason: its trade ban with the US has meant some serious uncertainty around its upcoming product launches. 

Without the ability to work with US companies like Google, it means having to ramp up work on its own operating system, just in case it can't launch new phones running Android. 

With the recent statement from Donald Trump that the Huawei ban is being lifted, the future is looking a bit brighter for the giant Chinese tech firm. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.