(Pocket-lint) - Back in early January 2019 we saw our first leaks of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro - showing off a surprise 3.5mm headphone jack - and now some more rumoured information has come to the fore suggesting both new phones will use OLED panels.

Sure, 2018's P20 Pro used an OLED panel, but the 'standard' P20 model did not. The shift for both P30 models to OLED means the gap between the two devices will close, while opening the door for both to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner (which is only possible with OLED panels, not LCD).

The purported size difference will become the P30 models' main difference: the P30 is said to be a 6.1-inch panel; the P30 Pro a 6.5-inch panel. Now, while that's a fairly standard approach - the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ take a similar stance - we find it somewhat perplexing that Huawei would make the P30 Pro larger than its business-focused flagship, the Mate 20 Pro (which has a 6.39-inch screen). Perhaps there will be aspect ratio difference that will set the two series apart also?

So what else can we expect in addition to larger all-OLED panels and the 3.5mm headphone jack? Although nothing is official yet - and we've come to believe that Huawei won't launch at Mobile World Congress 2019, but after the show - the big focus will be on cameras. The P30 series is said to use the same triple camera setup as the Mate 20 Pro - and that means a super-wide camera as one - which we're not surprised to see, but a little saddened, as we'd prefer a better zoom lens like the P20 series offered originally.

As for the notch, well, that looks to be dewdrop-style, keeping the P30 series' screen proportions to the max. No hole-punch camera to be seen here, which is an interesting take as the P30 Pro will be arriving in the wake of the Samsung Galaxy S10. How the two will fare against one another we shall be keeping active tabs on...

Writing by Mike Lowe.