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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei-owned Honor has confirmed it will embrace 5G technology by introducing a Honor 5G smartphone sometime next year.

On 8 September, while at the World INS conference in Beijing, Honor president Geroge Zhao, who was one of the speakers at the event, confirmed that Honor's first 5G smartphone will launch at some point in 2019. Although he didn't provide too many details during his keynote address, Honor did confirm to Pocket-lint that it believes 5G will be a turning point, marking the arrival of artificial intelligence.

In other words, with the arrival of 5G, it expects the simultaneous arrival of intelligent, full-speed AI phones. So, Honor wants to be aggressive in this space. It believes doing so will help it to become a top-five smartphone brand by 2020 and move into the top three by 2022. This is a big move for the sub-brand, which can mostly be found in the US as a cheaper alternative to Apple and Samsung.

In a press release, Huawei also confirmed that it will release a 5G smartphone next year, though the first phone to be launched will be the Honor 5G device. It did not give any specifics as to when or which series/line name these phones will carry. We'll keep you posted.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.