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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei has confirmed that it has managed to shift some 6 million P20 smartphones, although it doesn't divulge what the breakdown is between the regular P20 and the super P20 Pro model.

Launching on 27 March 2018, Huawei has confirmed that P20 sales are up a whopping 81 per cent compared to the Huawei P10 at the same point in 2017. It's also remarkable because the Huawei P20 hasn't been taken by US carriers.

So why all the fuss about this phone? 

Much of it comes down to Huawei attacking all angles with the P20 and P20 Pro. While the regular Huawei P20 offers plenty to get excited about at a decent price, the P20 Pro sets a new standard for smartphone photography - and it's got a lot of people excited.

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It's the first triple-camera phone, with Huawei attempting to cram everything into the one device - it offers great quality, those great bokeh effects and a bigger zoom than most of its rivals.

Then there's the colour-shifting design shown off in that Twilight colour. Yes, there are great colours and effects from the likes of HTC, but Huawei is really showing off. It's no surprise that sub-brand Honor is doing some of the same stuff in the Honor 10.

But for us, the Huawei P20 is a phone that shows Huawei has been listening and learning from the mistakes it made on previous devices. The software has been simplified and tamed, the finish has been improved and things like battery life has been a solid focus - with good results. That's why it currently tops our list of best smartphones.

There's also a good deal of great fortune in here: Samsung played it safe with the Galaxy S9 this year (the Galaxy S10 is apparently going to be a step in a new direction), HTC and LG delayed a little (and are getting mixed reviews) and while the likes of OnePlus offers a great experience for less money, Huawei is turning heads. It's looking like the must-have phone of 2018.

What you should really take away from this is that the smartphone market is changing and that some of those peripheral brands are now dominating the mainstream. Huawei has tried and tried, stayed committed to the course and it seems to have paid off with the Huawei P20.  

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 13 June 2018.