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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei's trio of P20 phones has been subject to a fair share of leaks lately, but the P20 Lite, the most affordable model in Huawei's lineup, has now leaked out in full in a hands-on video. The video comes courtesy of YouTube user The Sam Official, who spotted the P20 Lite on display at an Italian phone retailer.

The video gives a clear look at how HuaweI's EMUI software works in tandem with the central notch in various screens. For the most part, screens and menus extend all the way to the top of phone, with the sections to the left and right of the notch showing signal strength, battery information and the time. In the camera menus for example, those sections are filled in black, while the main camera window only goes as far as the bottom of the notch.

The hands-on video also confirms the P20 Lite design, something which has been leaked several times already in renders and images. On the back in a vertically arranged dual-lens camera, while there is just a single lens in the notch on the front.

The user goes into the settings on the phone, which confirms it is the P20 Lite, in case there was any doubt, but also shows there is a Kirin 659 processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The P20 Lite is also shown to be running Android Oreo 8.0.

Some images of the phone have also appeared on Twitter, along with a European price of €369.90, which roughly converts to £330/$460, putting it firmly in the affordable category.

There is still a little time to wait until Huawei officially launches the P20 trio on 27 March, but given this recent leak, there isn't much more left to find out.

Writing by Max Langridge.