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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei isn't due to unveil its next flagship device, the P20, until 27 March at a dedicated event in Paris, but thanks to Android Authority, we've now got a good as to what it will look like by way of some leaked hands-on pictures.

The pictures are said to be of a prototype version of the phone, so the design could still change before being officially unveiled, but they give us a good indication as to what to expect.

The new P20 has thinner bezels all around than the P10 it replaces and the corners appear to be a little bit more rounded, but the most notable change from the previous model is the lack of a volume rocker. It's not something we've seen on many phones before, so it's unusual to see it omitted here.

It could be that it's missing simply because this is a prototype version, or Huawei may have opted to use a virtual volume key instead. If so, it could make adjusting the volume of music a little bit more tedious when the phone's in your pocket. You'll have to use wireless or USB-C headphones to listen to that music too, as there's no 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Huawei's event invite asked us to "see mooore", which combined with the three circles featured behind the Eiffel Tower, suggest it will come with three lenses - adding weight to some leaked schematics that showed three lenses. The phone in these hands-on pictures though only appears to have two. However Android Authority's sources, who provided the photos, have said there may in fact be two versions of the P20, one with two lenses and another with three.

Huawei may reveal some more information about the P20 at Mobile World Congress next week, as the company has confirmed it will be attending, but we won't get our first real look at it for another month when it's unveiled on 27 March.

Writing by Max Langridge.