After leaks to suggest Huawei will name its next P-series flagship phone the P20, new evidence has surfaced that claims it will revert back to P11 instead. While the P20 name has been trademarked in the US, a new trademark application for the P11 name has appeared in a filing for the US, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong and a few other countries. It seems Huawei doesn't even know what to call its next flagship.

The P11 name is made all the more likely given the fact the P12 name has also appeared in some information pages, suggesting the next phone after the P11, will be the P12 in 2019.

There has been some serious back and forth between names for the next Huawei device. While it was originally expected and assumed that it would be called the P11, because it was the logical next step, an Israeli importer of Huawei devices confirmed to event goers that it would be called the P20. We've also seen some schematic drawings that refer to the P20 name, along with P20 Plus and P20 Lite.

A leaked presentation slide detailing Huawei's roadmap for 2018 only referred to P-series phones, but didn't give a number, perhaps indicating the company hadn't decided on the naming at that point.

We're still in the dark as to what Huawei will go with, but given this new P11 evidence, we'd wager that is what it will be called. We're expecting it to be unveiled at MWC next month, so luckily we don't have long to wait to find out what Huawei has settled on.