With Black Friday weekend now winding down you may have assumed no more good discounts would be available. If you did, we're pleased to inform you that there's still some more life left in this discount extravaganza yet. 

Among the discounts for Cyber Monday is the Huawei P10 and its big brother, the P10 Plus. At Carphone Warehouse, there's a huge saving to be had if you buy the phones SIM-free. 

The regular P10 is available with 64GB storage in three different colours for just £329. That's a whopping saving of £240 off the regular retail price. Similarly, you can pick up the 128GB P10 Plus for just £429, which is £210 cheaper than its usual full price. In other words, you can get either of Huawei's top flagship phones for the price of a mid-range budget phone. 

Although the two phones look very much alike, there are advantages to having the bigger Plus model. Unlike the regular 5.1-inch P10 which has a full HD resolution panel, the P10 Plus' 5.5-inch display is 1440 x 2560 Quad HD resolution.

Similarly, its dual camera system has a 12 megapixel and 20 megapixel sensor like the smaller model, except it has a larger aperture. It's f/1.7 versus f/2.2, meaning you get better low light performance from the larger phone. 

Apart from that, it's mostly the same experience. They're both equipped with the impressive custom Kirin 960 processor, 24-bit audio and fast-charging batteries. The only other main differences, as you'd expect, are the battery capacity and RAM.

The 128GB Plus model features 6GB RAM, which is useful with all those extra pixels on the screen, it also has a 3,750mAh battery. The P10 has 4GB RAM and a 3,200mAh battery, which performs well in day-to-day use. 

In other words, you're unlikely to find any of this year's other flagship smartphone for prices even close to this, even as part of Black Friday. So if you're looking for a cracking deal, check out the P10 and P10 Plus at Carphone Warehouse. 

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