Huawei wants to take the spotlight from ZTE.

A few days ago, ZTE unveiled a foldable smartphone, called the Axom M, with two screens. But now, Huawei, which recently announced the Mate 10 smartphone series, is working on its own version of a foldable phone. It could be released next year even, according to CNET. If true, it could be announced around the same time as Samsung's much-rumoured Galaxy X foldable phone.

Do you know what this means? While dual cameras were all the rage this past year, it seems like foldable smartphones will be the hot new trend of 2018. Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed to CNET that the company has a "working sample" of a foldable handset, but it's still in development and needs improvements to its design and flexible screen technology before it can launch.

Keep in mind ZTE plans to launch the Axon M foldable phone via AT&T in the coming months. Now, this device is essentially two displays with a hinge. They can work together to form one large 6.75-inch screen, but there's still a hinge. Samsung's upcoming phone is supposed to have a single foldable display with no hinge, and Huawei hopes to achieve the same thing as well.

Currently, Yu said, Huawei's foldable phone has two screens with a "small gap" between them. But Yu said he wants to get rid of that gap. Unfortunately, there are no other details on this phone right now.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more.