We're just a couple of weeks away from the official unveiling of the Huawei Mate 10. However, we're also expecting two or three other phones to join the series: the Mate 10 Lite, an unnamed phone with the codename Marcel and the Mate 10 Pro.

It's the last one we're really focussing on here, as some images that appear to be official renders of the Mate 10 Pro have leaked online courtesy of French site Les Numeriques, via Phone Arena. 

One image shows the Pro pictured side-by-side with the regular Mate 10. The Mate 10 Pro features a larger 18:9 display with the Huawei logo on the bottom bezel, while the Mate 10 has a 16:9 display and a fingerprint scanner integrated into the bottom bezel instead. The Pro will therefore have a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel.

The French site also has images of the rear panels for both phones, which show off their cameras. What's interesting about the Mate 10 Pro's dual camera system is that both lenses are said to feature an f/1.6 aperture, beating out the LG V30, which has f/1.6 and f/1.9 aperture lenses.

1/8Les Numériques

This would give the Mate 10 Pro the title of world's largest aperture on a smartphone, although technically not the first. Whether the regular sized Mate 10 will get a similar dual-lens camera system remains to be seen.

The promotional images also reveal that both Mate 10 devices will come with Huawei's Kirin 970 chipset and 4,000mAh batteries. The Mate 10 is revealed to have an IP67 certification, but even though the same isn't confirmed for the Mate 10 Pro, we would be surprised if Huawei didn't give it the same benefits too.

The images also focus on the phones' AI capabilities. Huawei has already teased that its phone is the "real AI phone", shortly after Apple announced the iPhone X with its facial recognition unlock system.

The Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro boast the ability to translate text in real time without the need for an internet connection and an AI-powered photo assistant.

However, while the images do look legitimate, they are riddled with grammar issues, and some text is blurry. We would therefore say to take these images with a pinch of salt for now and hold out a couple of weeks until all will be officially revealed.