Huawei is set to unveil the Mate 10 flagship at an event in Munich on 16 October. The company has kept tight-lipped as to what features and specs it will come with, and rumours in general have been relatively thin on the ground.

That has since changed though, as the Chinese mobile manufacturer, now the second largest in the world, has released a video on Facebook with the tagline "The real AI phone".

It doesn't take a genius to work out that Huawei is taking a swipe at Apple and the iPhone Xs facial recognition capabilities. Huawei's video shows a clown's face on a phone screen, with its eyes, nose and mouth being recognised by the camera. The phone then fails to unlock.

Huawei may actually be picking up on the fact that the iPhone X didn't unlock for Craig Federighi on stage at the live launch event. Craig said afterwards that this was because several other people must have interacted with the phone before he used it, which caused it to lock him out.

Huawei is therefore clearly confident of the software of the Mate 10 and its ability to unlock the phone using your face. This could also infer that the Mate 10 will have an all-screen front panel and no front-facing home button/fingerprint sensor.

The only other thing we know for sure about the Mate 10 is that it will come with a dual-lens rear camera, following a tweet from Huawei's Australian account.

Huawei will be the last major smartphone manufacturer to announce a flagship device this year, since Google's hardware event will take place on 4 October, where we expect to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.