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(Pocket-lint) - A lot happens in any given day. From fitness, to work, to social engagements and entertainment - we rely on our technology to get us through the connected world more than ever before.

With the Huawei P10 Plus in pocket and Huawei Watch 2 strapped to wrist that's all possible with barely a second thought. The respective EMUI 5.1 and Android Wear 2.0 software platforms make it easy to surf through a hectic day without needing to reach for the plug socket until bedtime.

Here's a day in the life with Pocket-lint using Huawei.

7:30am: Morning jog

Wakey wakey. Bleary eyed, Watch 2 strapped for wrist, it's time to hit the pavement. The watch's integrated heart-rate sensor and GPS ensure an accurate read to know the metabolism is getting in check.

The P10 Plus remains at home, rather than knocking about in a pocket, plugged into the wall making the most of quick charge for a full day's battery life. Besides, as the Watch 2 Sport comes with its own nano SIM we won't miss a call or message if anything urgent comes through - it'll be right there on the wrist.

8am: Tunes in the shower

Sweaty brow achieved, it's shower time. No need to take the Watch 2 off, however, as it's IP68 water-resistant, which means it can be dunked in the bath for a full 30-minutes if you so wish. We're in a bit of a rush, however, so no waiting around beyond a shower.

What we do have, however, are some tunes saved onto the 4GB internal storage, which is Bluetooth synched to our waterproof bathroom speaker. Beats and suds, that's how to kick off the day.

8:45am: Mapping the morning meeting

As the Watch has been servicing all our morning tasks, the P10 Plus has been sat on the side table, plugged in, so is removed fully charged later than it otherwise would be.

Today it's an in-town meeting, which means plotting a different route than normal to get there. Google Maps and that's job done - just because the P10 Plus uses EMUI 5.1 doesn't negate the base Android 7.0 software upon which it sits.

9:30am: Android Pay for much-needed caffeine

The caffeine count is nil, so there's time to swing by a coffee shop in town to get some milky goodness before checking in for our meeting.

The P10 Plus has NFC so Android Pay is possible - or AMEX Pay as we use via the AMEX app - with a simple touch to the payment receiver. But as the phone has been thrown into backpack when almost missing the necessary train stop, it's the turn of the watch to take charge here.

Yup, the Huawei Watch 2 is also Android Pay compatible. All you need are pre-registered card details, which makes for ultra-easy payment without reaching for phone nor wallet.

10am: Meeting, interruptions, easy business card scan

It's meeting time. We're introduced to an exec who duly hands over her business card. Never the best at keeping a collection of paper cards, we use the P10 Plus's business card scanner - within the Contacts app, which then uses the phone's camera - to auto-scan and save the info in seconds. It doesn't save it as a picture, either, it deciphers the information and saves as a new Contact in full.

During the meet there's an interrupting call and the P10 Plus, proudly placed on the table and accidentally set to vibrate, is making all manner of noise. Gestures are activated, however, so a quick 180-degree flip to put the phone face-down and the racket is cancelled. Smart.

Noon: Conserve battery life by closing background apps

Meeting wrapped-up, niceties done and dusted, the P10 Plus has a series of prompts advising us to close some apps down. WhatsApp? Don't need the distraction right now. British Airways. Why's that one open again?

Apps can be individually or group closed, the more you close the longer the phone will last on a charge. However, we keep Slack open to ensure those all-important work messages from the Pocket-lint team get through in real-time.

12:30pm: Pre-lunch cycle, track with Huawei Fit

We're in fitness mode this week. After collecting a bike from a friend's office underground storage facility, a quick tap on the Huawei Health app - which you'll need to register for via a Huawei account (it's free) - loads our day's page, with our current exercise info. A tap of the Start Cycling button sets it to record the session.

At 13:14 there's a missed call. Too huffed and puffed, a quick response via SMS using the Watch 2's screen when stood off the side of the road settles things down: "Call back in 15mins".

2pm: Instagram that foodie lunch picture

Bike back in storage, it's time to take that friend out for lunch. It's dim sum, the best lunch foodstuff in the whole world, but of course. And also among the most photogenic.

The P10 Plus has the best Leica Dual Camera 2.0 arrangement of any Huawei phone to date; it's a defining feature. Not only can it shoot in true black & white or colour, it can also depth-map shots to deliver software-based melty backdrops for that ultra-professional look. f/0.95 selected, this one is the perfect snap to share on Instagram.

3pm: Emails, WhatsApp, Skype - all the core workhorse apps

An in-town day without being in the office means heavyweight app work on the phone. Slack for team meetings. Skype for team calls. WhatsApp groups for friends. Twitter for monitoring the feeds in the tech world. Gmail to manage all emails. The P10 Plus can handle all the normal Android phone operation without a fuss.

That it has a 3,750mAh battery at its core is very handy for prolonged use too. By 15:30 we've caught up on tasks, so use the EMUI "Optimise" feature to kill most of the open apps and let the phone drift into its natural Google doze mode to conserve on the battery.

Cue a laptop-based mammoth typing session to write-up this morning's meeting first thoughts and that's the end of the working day. Time for some more socialising...

7pm: Gaming on the train home

A swift pint in the pub - again, the perfect opportunity to grab an arty black & white shot - and it's time to get the train home. Perfect for a spot of gaming. And as the P10 Plus has the Kirin 960 octa-core processor paired with 6GB of RAM it's flagship in every sense of performance.

Which, in the unusual event that there's space enough to manoeuvre arms in London's overcrowded train cabins, gives enough time to dig into Candy Crush Soda Saga. Sure, it might not be the most graphically demanding game on earth, but we're addicted of late. Besides, there's nothing this phone won't handle.

After finishing precisely zero levels - this game is hard, ok? - the battery hasn't even dipped below 40 per cent from the full day's uses, which is great going.

8pm: Entertainment at your fingertips

The housemates are watching some nonsense on the telly, so it's over to the Netflix app to catch-up on some prime US boxset while eating dinner. The 5.5-inch display of the P10 Plus makes everything look great.

We've set Do Not Disturb on to avoid phone notifications too, as the Watch 2 can handle that for us instead. And Twitter is mighty distracting this particular evening.

10pm: Eye comfort schedule kicks in

We're on the home-run to bed, and at 10pm the P10 Plus kicks into its Eye Comfort mode, which we've scheduled to activate each evening.

This cuts out the blue light intensity, for more comfortable viewing that won't see you wired and wide awake when ready to get some genuine shuteye. It also further aids battery life, as it's less bright.

11pm: Recharge time

We've got through a heavy day of use with no need to plug in the P10 Plus, while the Watch 2 is happily still ticking over.

With the provided USB-C cable the SuperCharge mode of the P10 Plus means it can re-juice the battery in double-quick time. Just 20-minutes at the plug can deliver a day's worth of light use, not that we need it this late at night, but handy for morning top-ups if you've forgotten to charge overnight.

Tomorrow is another day; and we've got similar plans to repeat it all over again. At least our Huawei tech can keep up with the work, fitness, payment, social and entertainment tasks without any drama.