Huawei has taken the smartphone world by storm thanks to its P9 and P9 Plus dual-camera system. This was developed with Leica to create smartphone photos like no others before.

The Huawei P9 and P9 Plus feature dual 12-megapixel cameras with an f/0.95 low for what should be stunning low light photography anyway. Combine that with one colour and one monochrome sensor, one for each lens, and you should end up with stunning photography in any light.

The distance between the two camera lenses should mean that creating shots with greater depth of field is possible. That should result in shots with levels of blur in the background comparable to full cameras.

The camera also offers dual tone flash, laser autofocus but no OIS. This is apparently not needed thanks to 1.25-micron pixel sensors and that monochrome one that's able to absorb more light.

The photos in the above gallery were shot using the Huawei P9 sent in via EyeEM. These show off how the system works in very low light situations, those with background blur and daily colour filled scenes. Check out what it has to offer above.

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