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(Pocket-lint) - The affordable yet advanced smartphone manufacturer Huawei may be about to start gunning for Samsung with its first curved display smartphone in the Mate S2.

According to reliable supply chain sources, analyst Sun Changxu claims, Huawei is working on the curved screen right now. But, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, this won't curve at the sides. How it will curve has not been made clear.

This could mean we will see a smartphone with curved top and bottom edges – something useful when glancing at notifications from a pocket.

For context, the Mate S smartphone was announced as the world's first pressure-sensitive display – ahead of Apple. So if this curved screen is to appear on its successor the Mate S2, as is suggested by the source, it will also likely be a high-end, cutting-edge offering. That's why it's unlikely to feature an entire screen curve like the LG or Samsung efforts of the past did, which didn't do so well - unlike the more recent S6 and S7 edge phones which are very popular.

This would also suggest the Mate S2 will target the more expensive end of the market like the Mate S did with its price at around $800.

Rumours suggest we will hear more in September, which is when the first Mate S was announced in 2015.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 30 March 2016.