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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei today unveiled two new phones, the P8 a new flagship and the P8max its phablet cousin. Both offer power, impressive specs and metal unibody designs, and both will be more affordable than many rivals.

While we've covered both of these handsets, one of the accessories caught our eye. Yes, we're talking about the HTC Dot View case.

We had a double take when this appeared on stage, with Richard Yu, Huawei CEO, introducing the "enriched experience magnetic case".

Yu went on to explain that it was an "industry first" combining the Dot View bit with the magnetic case so you can prop up your P8max and watch movies or whatever.

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Pocket-linthuawei does htc dot view cover for p8max image 2

To rub salt into the wound, Huawei even used 10:08 as the time displayed on the front of its case. As smartphone fans will know, HTC has used 10:08 as the time in its product shots since the year dot. (And thanks to @jpenico for pointing that out.)

Huawei's enriched experience case will also offer things like alarms, weather, notification and time. 

We got our hands on the case for the P8max at the London launch, but haven't had the chance to see exactly how it's controlled, or how wide the range of functions are.

HTChuawei does htc dot view cover for p8max image 7

We've always liked HTC's Dot View case (pictured above). It's an innovative piece of design that HTC has had for a couple of generations of smartphones. Now that HTC is in the second generation, it's own case offers plenty, such as themes - a big part of the One M9. 

Ok, so Dot View is a trademark, so it's not really called that, but did Huawei just rip HTC off? We'll let you be the judge of that. Meanwhile, you can read our first impressions of the Huawei P8max right here.

Writing by Chris Hall.