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(Pocket-lint) - Kevin Ho, president of the handset product division at Huawei, has told Pocket-lint that the company is collaborating with Google to create a Google Edition of the company's new P6 smartphone that will run stock Android.

"We are working with Google to analyse the possibility of bringing out a Huawei Ascend P6 with Google Edition," Ho told us in a one-to-one briefing.

The confirmation however, is the polar opposite of what the company's chairman Richard Yu said on stage at the launch of the P6 in London.

According to the chairman, Huawei isn't interested. Yu claimed that Huawei's Emotion UI was better, with "hundreds of improvements" over the Google Android experience. He concluded that its user interface would be better in touch with a user's "emotions".

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We've recently seen the trend of Android manufacturers offering a "Google Edition" or "Nexus experience" on smartphones, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One lining up to give you a stock Android experience.

Looks like the head isn't talking to the body on this one.

UPDATE: Huawei has sent us the following statement as clarification on the above comments:

"We maintain an open view towards Google Edition handsets. If the consumer experience is good, we may consider it. However, right now we are focused mainly on the development of the Huawei Emotion UI. Currently, there is no plan for a Google Edition of the Ascend P6." 

Writing by Stuart Miles.