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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei is serious about the Ascend P6 and all you have to do is glance at the company's Facebook page to see that, with a hyping teaser video and a comment on the device from Huawei Chairman Richard Yu.

The comment from Yu is perhaps the more significant, commenting on how well the side keys of the Ascend P6 are. "We were able to find that 'sweet spot'," says Yu, in a post that talks-up the design of the 6.2mm thick smartphone.

There's an accompanying image that shows the bottom section of the device and it certainly does look pretty slick - and yes, matches photos of the Huawei Ascend P6 previously leaked online.

The inlaid metal sides look great in contrast to the white body of the device, although it doesn't actually show the buttons that Yu talks so fondly of.

If you're after a little more action than half a product shot, then the action video might be more your flavour.

Huawei isn't messing around, saying: "Delivering groundbreaking new smartphones to our customers isn't always easy," with the video seeing the parkour-style transportation of the forthcoming handset from Berlin to London.

The closing scene sees the transporter arriving at the London venue for the Huawei launch event on 18 June, package safely in tow.

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We'll be at the very same event come launch day, and if we don't get a parkour-style delivery of the new Hauwei Ascend P6, we'll be bitterly disappointed.

Let's hope the handset brings plenty of excitement in the flesh.

Writing by Chris Hall.