The Huawei Honour is now on sale, a smartphone that the manufacturer claims can go days without charge, thanks to its 1900mAh battery.

It’s all very well having the best apps and features, but if your smartphone has no juice, then you might as well have a brick of plastic in your pocket.

To be fair, Huawei has kitted out the Honour with a small arsenal of features. We’re looking at an 8-megapixel camera, four-inch FWGA HD touchscreen complete with Corning Gorilla glass protection and a 1400MHz processor.

Despite running on Android (more on that in a moment), Huawei has skinned the Honour with its own HAP 5.1 user interface. This enables users to open up specific apps and features direct from the lock screen.

Okay here’s the downer: the Huawei Honour only runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Yes we know, but at least the manufacturer has priced it accordingly.

The Huawei Honour is available now SIM-free for £250 from Expansys, Clove Technology and

Even if the Huawei Honour is not up to your liking, it's good to see a manufacturer concerning itself with a fundamental issue such as battery life. It's in contrast to HTC which told Pocket-lint that its customers preferred a slim handset to one with a longer battery life.

Would you consider buying the Huawei Honour? We want to know.