The new HTC HD2 - formerly known as the Leo - is looking to establish itself as king of the Windows Phone jungle with its massive 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display.

Sitting on Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, it joins the Toshiba TG01 running on this hardware. It is a Windows Phone with the latest version of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, but with HTC's Sense UI running over the top.

In our time with the HTC HD2, it is clear that there has been something of a nomenclature shift, as the Sense UI found here resembles the TouchFLO interface found on HTC's Windows Mobile devices in the past, rather than the Android version found on the HTC Hero.

However, there is a luscious sheen to HTC skin here, making the somewhat clunky Windows Mobile system much more tolerable, with large crisp icons, customisation and easy access to shortcuts.

If you like your weather apps, then you'll love the fact that when you switch on the HD2, you'll get a gorgeous full backdrop animation at the front of the Sense UI - it's really something to behold seeing clouds and lightening ripping through the back of your phone.

HTC also showed us a new travel car mount. By changing the back plate of the HD2, you'll be able to twist lock it onto this slick mount, and thanks to the clever sensors on-board, your phone will dive into NaviPanel, ideal for using in your vehicle.

It also features multi-touch, as demoed here by HTC CEO Peter Chou.

Will this be Windows Mobile's new hero?