Another week another HTC handset leak, this time courtesy of wmexperts who claim to have the skinny on two yet announced windows phone, the HTC Mega and US carrier Verizon's version of the diamond 2.

The new HTC Mega model, complete with supposed picture, will come with a Qualcomm 7225@ 528 MHz chip, 256MB ROM/256MB RAM, 2.8-inch QVGA (240x320), GSM/GPRS Edge/HSDPA, and 3-megapixel fixed-focus camera, as well as GPS.

As usual no word on release, pricing or anything else for that matter, however the site does suggest that it will probably be aimed at the low-end of the market when it eventually does arrive.

As for the Verizon Diamond 2, the handset, which is expected to launch in September will offer a twist on the Touch Diamond 2, very much like the operator has done with the Snap model that it tweaked to release as the Ozone.

Pictures show the Whitestone as it is being referred to as having a faux diamond encrusted frame and a slightly different button layout under a touchscreen.

We will keep you posted.