HTC has officially launched the HTC Hero, the first in what HTC claims will be a portfolio of devices that feature a new interface.

HTC claim that Sense "shapes the mobile experience around the individual", promising a new customisable experience that draws on features seen in the likes of Nokia's Enterprise handsets and the INQ.

You'll be able to customise your HTC Hero so you get the live widgets you want, feeding you information when you want it.

You'll also get "Scenes", which HTC says will allow you to create a different profile for "specific functions or times in your life", which sounds a little like Nokia's Mode Switching, meaning you can have a work or a home profile.

You'll be able to channel information into one single view, with HTC mentioning Facebook and Flickr, dropping in alongside more traditional emails and text messages, which sounds a little like the integrated approach taken by the INQ.

HTC demoed this feature, switching across Facebook and text messages, without diving in and out of different applications.

The result should be a more friendly, more intuitive handset, that "just makes sense" said HTC boss Peter Chou.

HTC Sense will debut on the HTC Hero, coming to Europe in July, Asia "later in summer" and USA later in the year.

We will bring you more information when we have it.