The HTC Dream, the phone earmarked to be the first commerically available Android handset, already promised to us by HTC before the end of the year has just hit the FCC in America.

The news, adds to the rumours that the device will be getting a September launch date via T-Mobile.

According to Engadget, who found the filing on the FCC website:

"The handset is listed as type, 'Dream' with a model of 'DREA100.' The same model also appears with a WiFi Interoperability Certificate touting 802.11b/g WiFi."

Standing for Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, apart from being a leaker of information about the latest phones is the government body that is responsible for rating personal computers and other equipment. The ratings indicate how much radiation a personal computer emits.

HTC has told Pocket-lint on numerous occasions that the phone is still scheduled to be released in the UK before Christmas 2008, however so far has withheld a specific date for the launch of the handset.

We will keep you posted.