HTC has backtracked on its comments yesterday to Pocket-lint about supporting customers who’ve bought a non-UK version of the new HTC diamond.

"HTC will always support the consumer and their device but what’s important is that consumers know that devices are region specific and that to receive the full customer experience, the device bought needs to be relevant for the region they are in. To ensure this, consumers can acquire their HTC Touch Diamond through our trusted distribution network."

On Monday the Taiwanese company had said that any device bought through Expansys would not be covered by Warranty or come with HTC qualified support, in particular pointing towards Expansys in the UK who had imported phones from a different region to beat the official release in the UK.

The company has also moved to quash rumours that the new handset won’t be available until July.

In an interview with Pocket-lint Florian Seiche, VP of HTC Europe, told us that the HTC Diamond is shipping in the UK now and be available everywhere before the end of the month.