HTC has praised Apple’s decision to launch an App store for customers of its iPhone in an interview with Pocket-lint.

"The App Store is a good idea. It will support users allowing them to turn the device into something more usable for them, not just a one size fits all model", Florian Seiche, VP of HTC Europe told us.

The comments come as Apple showed off third party applications that would be offered on its App Store to consumers via the handset when it launches on 11 July at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

However while HTC thinks the store is a good feature for users, it isn’t planning one of its own.

"We are not planning an App store", Seiche said. "Our phones run on open platforms so people can choose what applications to add without us managing it for them."

Asked on why people should buy the new HTC Touch Diamond, which Seiche insisted was already shipping in the UK and available within the next 2 weeks, over the new iPhone 3G, Samsung and BlackBerry models recently launched, Seiche replied:

"The Diamond is a slightly different proposition, however you get better browsing, a smaller form factor, a VGA screen and a great phone first. The TouchFLO interface is cool and helps you navigate around the phone incredibly easily."

As for waiting for the Android powered HTC Dream? Seiche confirmed earlier reports that the Google backed handset would be here by the end of the year and centred around the "Internet" experience, but little else on the details front.

We will keep you posted.