The HTC Diamond might not be officially available in the UK, but that hasn’t stopped Expansys having 53 in stock with the promise of getting it you one in 2 days.

However before you rush for your credit card, due to an exclusive distribution deal HTC signed in May with a company called Brightpoint in the UK, the Taiwanese company has said that any device bought through Expansys will not be covered by Warranty or come with HTC qualified support.

The news is likely to annoy customers looking to get their hands on the iPhone alternative, which was due to be launched this month but been delayed.

Although HTC won’t confirm when the handset will be launching, rumours have suggested the UK launch date has been pushed back to closer to July.

Prospective customers keen to opt for a model without official support, should think about saving however. A mouthwatering £494.95 means its even more expensive than the iPhone.

Expansys where unavailable for comment.