HTC, the handset maker famous for the Touch, has announced that it is to team up with Bluetooth accessory maker Parrot in an attempt to offer and develop improved compatibility and overall user experience between the companies’ products.

According to the two manufacturers the alliance will see HTC working closely with Parrot to align product roadmaps, marketing efforts and channel development to provide an enhanced complimentary solution for customers, although the alliance seems to stop short of the two companies actually merging completely.

"While HTC smart devices offer users one device for all their content, Parrot provides the easy-to-use wireless peripherals to release that content wherever and whenever the user wants", said Henri Seydoux, founder and CEO of Parrot. "This enables HTC users to maximise the use of their devices through Parrot’s technology."

Sounding equally excited, Florian Seiche, Vice President, HTC Europe said: "By working in tandem with Parrot we can enhance our offering of mobility and connectivity and add real value for all customers through providing them expanded capabilities to their devices".