Rumours are starting to emerge about just what exactly HTC is planning to launch on Monday.

Previous speculation suggested the announcement of the HTC "Kii", a Windows Mobile smartphone, but with no other info or pics, it was hardly the juiciest of gadget gossip.

Now however we can reveal pics, some specs and a name - the HTC Touch Slide (aka the Juno/Nike) is supposedly one of three handsets due to debut on Monday.

The phone, unsurprisingly, has the same look and feel as the Touch, but in a vertical slider form factor with a 2.6-inch touchscreen. It's Windows Mobile 6.0 smartphone with the TouchFLO interface - that may have received a revamp.

The Slide appears to be a version of the Touch for the those who aren't brave enough to take the full plunge into a touchscreen-only device.

Although, perhaps not ideal for those who value productivity on the move, it does not have a full Qwerty keyboard, but a Blackberry Pearl-esque "SureType" style keypad.

It'll be nice and speedy as it's reported as a 3G, HSDPA, and Wi-Fi enabled handset with a 400MHz Qualcomm processor and will offer a 2-megapixel camera and microSD expansion.

What makes this reeeally interesting is that it's been leaked through a blog that appears to be set up for the sole purpose of distributing this information.

The promise of an "HTC device that is not really a phone" to launch next week is also a tantalising proposition from the new blog.

Excited? So are we. Pocket-lint will be attending the launch on Monday so will bring you the official info as near-live as we can get it uploaded...