HTC's offering at 3GSM this year includes an unusual hybrid mobile PC/phone as well as two more traditional PDA-type smartphones.

The PC notebook, variably called the HTC Advantage, X7500, and T-Mobile Ameo, supports many of the functions of a fully-fledged PC, but in miniature.

HTC installed its VueFLO technology on to it, which lets users navigate by tilting the screen, and added a detachable magnetic keyboard.

It's a Tri-band 3G, HSPDA and Quad-band phone in its own right, with a 5-inch touchscreen that is either generous for a mobile phone or tiny for a PC.

Features include an 8-hour battery life, an 8GB hard drive, miniSD slot, and built-in video output capabilities for running presentations on projectors or displays.

And it wouldn't be a mobile phone without a 3MP camera, Bluetooth, VGA camera for video chat, and built-in GPS with TomTom Navigator 6.

It's either the device of the future that we'll all be using in a few years, or a large brick of an anomaly.

In addition, HTC unveiled the HTC S710 and P3350. The former runs on Windows Mobile 6, offers a semi auto-sliding full keyboard, a 2.4-inch screen with a landscape view option, and Microsoft Office.

It's a GPRS/EDGE phone, called the Orange SPV E650 in some markets, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The P3350 is no slouch on the phone front either, with a Media Hub for managing music and video, built in 256MB internal memory, MicroSD card slot, and 8-way navigation controller.

Connectivity includes GSM quad-band, and GPRS/EDGE, and it's sold complete with Bluetooth stereo headsets.

The Advantage and the HTC P3350 will be available in March, with the HTC S710 rolling out sometime in the first half of the year.