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(Pocket-lint) - HTC has suspended the sale of its smartphones in the UK.

All models, including the Desire 12 and 12+, and the U12+, are now listed as "out of stock" on the manufacturer's UK webstore. It is also yet to add the HTC Desire 12S to its line-up.

The decision to halt sales comes after an IP infringement claim filed by IPCom. In 2015, the UK's High Court found that HTC had infringed upon one of IPCom's patents, but also approved a workaround proposed by HTC that would come into effect with all new handsets shipped into the country in future.

But, IPCom now claims that, after its own testing of the HTC Desire 12, it found that the workaround was no longer implemented. All HTC smartphones have therefore been pulled from sale while the Taiwanese company investigates.

"As a leading innovator, HTC takes intellectual property issues very seriously. We are proactively investigating an infringement claim by a third party with respect to a single handset model", an HTC spokeswoman told Pocket-lint.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we have temporarily stopped sales of other HTC smartphones in the UK while we verify that all handsets have the required workaround. We will take the necessary steps to resume sales in due course."

As the alleged infringement seems to affect one handset only at present, the Desire 12, we doubt all HTC phones will remain unavailable for long.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 6 August 2019.