HTC has announced that its blockchain smartphone, the HTC Exodus, will be available on early access from the third quarter of this year: so anytime between now and the end of September.

However, if you read the press release Pocket-lint received or the official website you might be none the wiser to what it will actually do when it gets here:

"Let your data go and join the Exodus by getting early access to the agent of decentralization in the third quarter," it says on the release.

"This is just the start of HTC helping to combat the commoditization of humanity." It's either a phone or a new Manic Street Preachers album.

Pocket-lintHtc Exodus Blockchain Phone Slated For Q3 Release But What The Hell Is It image 2

The website is no better:

"The revolution will be tokenized," it boldly claims. A Suede album this time?

Even one of the features is headlined: "The Switzerland of Protocols".

As far as we can tell, the HTC Exodus smartphone will use blockchain technology to securely encrypt personal data and identity. It will include a cold storage wallet and is dedicated to decentralised applications. We guess we'll find out more as to what that practically means come its release.

In other news, HTC will be adding Cryptokitties to its other devices, such as the HTC U12+. It is the first self-proclaimed NFT game on the blockchain. It marks the beginning of HTC's "non fungible, collectible marketplace and crypto gaming app store".

We'll leave that one with you too.

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