HTC is due to unveil the U11 Plus at a media event tomorrow, 2 November, although we may already know pretty much everything there is to know about the phone thanks to a recent video leak, the rumours and renders keep on coming.

The latest is courtesy of the ever reliable Evan Blass, who has posted an image of the U11 Plus in a translucent black colour finish. The translucent finish is something specific to the U11 Plus and was teased in the media event invite. It's a feature we can clearly see in the video leak too, although the phone in that instance was blue.

The translucent finish lets you see below the surface to the wire coil inside, which will be used for wireless charging. Not many other components of the phone are visible, although you can just about make out the full camera sensor module.

It's certainly a striking design and is one of many that HTC has produced this year, such as the Liquid surface glass rear panel on the U11, which was made available in solar red, making itself one of the best looking phones of the year.

The U11 Plus should also have the Liquid surface glass finishes, but for those who really want to make sure others can spot their U11 Plus out the crowd, the translucent finish will be the one to go for.