The next phone we're likely to see from HTC is going under the name HTC U11 Plus. It's basically an evolution of the excellent HTC U11 and its launch is getting tantalisingly close. 

The HTC U11 Plus first appeared in rumours late in summer of 2017, but has since gained a huge amount of momentum, boosted by HTC setting a date of 2 November for the addition of a new device to its U family.

That's the subject of the company's latest tweet, appropriately appearing on the same day that iPhone X pre-orders open. HTC is clearly showing the narrow bottom bezel of its new phone display in this tease.

The new tease invites you to "believe it all", which we suspect is a call to believe the rumours and hype that HTC is releasing a phone with an 18:9 display so compete with the likes of the iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, LG V30 or Samsung Galaxy S8+. 

A little Photoshop tweaking of the image that HTC has shared reveals a little more, with the antenna band on the left running through the case and what looks like USB Type-C in the centre, but the official tease mirrors the sort of design we've seen in previous leaks.


Currently, rumours suggest that the HTC U11 Plus will offer a 6-inch LCD display with 18:9 aspect. It will offer a Liquid Surface glass rear with waterproofing and will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 platform.

Previous tweets appear to show an inductive charging coil on the phone too.

It has been suggested that HTC would only be launching the HTC U11 Life, a mid-range Android One handset at the 2 November launch event, but as these tweets roll out, we can't help but think that something big is indeed coming from HTC.