(Pocket-lint) - The first leak we saw for the HTC Ocean was a concept for a new Sense Touch UI, detailing that you could operate the phone without buttons.

A new video, shared by @evleaks, gives us another look at a similar-looking Sense Touch UI, again accessed without using any buttons. 

There's been no official word whether this is something that HTC is planning to launch or if it's simply a concept, but the HTC branding at the end of this clip gives it a look that's more official and the UI details shown on the screen display some HTC hallmarks - like the 10:08 time for example - as well as HTC Sense's app icons.

The video doesn't reveal much. The couple are drawn to the window of a Diptyque shop, and the exotically-fragranced candles obviously make them hungry. He pulls up local restaurant suggestions, but she remembers to grab a selfie of them outside the Diptyque store.

Quick menus are pulled up via a swipe on the side of the phone and it appears to work on both sides, letting you swipe up and down to scroll the list and tap to select the app.


What's not clear from this video is whether this is using some form of touch sensor in the body of the phone, or if it's using a curved display like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge's edge display feature. On the Samsung phone you can swipe in from the edge to access a number of services or shortcuts and Touch UI appears to be offering the same sort of access. 

You also can't tell too much about the phone from this video. From the front there doesn't appear to be a fingerprint scanner like the HTC 10, but there is a circle, which we're assuming is a home button - perhaps with an embedded fingerprint scanner under the skin, a technology that's already been demonstrated in Qualcomm's Sense ID.

When they lift the phone for the selfie, things are a little more confusing, as the design looks a lot like the HTC One A9 with that centre-top rear camera. 

While this video looks cool and there are a lot of fragmented pieces of the HTC 2017 smartphone puzzle coming together, at the moment we have more questions than answers. 

Hopefully things will get clearer over the next couple of months, perhaps with a significant MWC 2017 launch, as well as a reveal scheduled for 12 January

Writing by Chris Hall.