(Pocket-lint) - We didn't see this one coming, but the emergence of an HTC Vive handset in a video leak could see a shift in focus for HTC in 2017. 

HTC Vive has been well received as a leading VR solution and there's some sense in having a Vive-branded handset, especially when mobile VR is something that's very much on the agenda too thanks to platforms like Google Daydream

The HTC Vive handset appeared in a leaked promo video from HTC that's talking about personalisation. Coming from @evleaks, a well-established source for accurate leaks, there's little detail about what handsets we should expect, but it seems to follow the rumours of three handsets launching from HTC in 2017.

Carrying a codename of HTC Ocean, the picture of HTC's plan is more confusing that any previous year, but it could be that rather than launching the HTC 11 as predicted, that HTC's flagship handset is actually the HTC Vive model we're looking at here.

There's little to see from the video, except that there's dual cameras on the rear and that it's finished in a style that HTC is calling "litmus".

HTC is planning to make an announcement on 12 January that will surely bring some clarity to its plans for the year, but currently we're left with more questions than answers.

Writing by Chris Hall.