(Pocket-lint) - HTC could be turning its attention to personalisation in 2017 a new video leak reveals.

Shared by @evleaks via Twitter, the information comes from what appears to be a promo video for HTC, in which the company explains that your phone should be as individual as you are, like your choice of clothes or the music you like. 

HTC has often targeted a younger audience with this sort of message, turning to different designs and finishes to make the phone stand-out from rival devices.

The video shows some styles that HTC has used before, like the micro-splash style of some 2016 Desire models, but focuses on three main approaches: chemical, super fibres and litmus. 

Exactly what these three different techniques will result in isn't exactly clear, but the message is about individuality. Whether this means that you'll get the choice to customise your phone as per the Moto Maker service, or just that the finishes of HTC's 2017 phones are all unique thanks to the methods used to apply them, isn't clear. 

The most distinctive appears to be super fibres. Although little is detailed, it looks as though it's a finish rather like some Libratone speakers, using fabrics. Whether you'll be able to get a Harris Tweed-backed smartphone we're not sure and we suspect that any fibres might be laminated or set in resin to protect them.

The litmus option looks a lot like the graduated anodised finish that HTC has used before on the HTC One S, revealed here applied to a handset that clearly carries HTC Vive branding on the rear, and sporting dual rear cameras.

That's a whole different story - which you can read about here - but things currently aren't clear on exactly what HTC is planning in 2017.

What we do know for certain is that the company is announcing something "U" related on 12 January, and that may well circulate around personalisation.

Writing by Chris Hall.