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(Pocket-lint) - HTC is teasing the launch of its latest handset. Having been rather quiet following the launch of the HTC 10 and focusing on the HTC Vive VR launch, it now seems that there are Desire handsets in the works.

The Desire family is HTC's mid-range, with a few exceptions. Generally speaking, Desire is more affordable and uses plastics rather than the metals that the One devices were known for.

We've also seen some gems from the Desire line, including the likes of the Desire Eye, so it potentially offers up a few treats too. The rumours have it that HTC is preparing to launch the HTC Desire 10, with mention of this handset first appearing in early-July.

Here's everything that we know, and everything that you need to know, about HTC's forthcoming handset.

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Two HTC Desire 10 models?

There's talk of two Desire models lining up to be launched, known as the HTC Desire 10 Pro and the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle, according to Evan Blass writing on VentureBeat.

Reporting the details from a source familiar with HTC's plans, the two handsets are thought to be launching in tandem, but only details on the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle were detailed, likely to be the low-spec device of the pair. 

HTC Desire 10 design

HTC is teasing its forthcoming device with a Twitter #hashtag of #beedgier, an emphasis that's highlighted in HTC's announcement of the live broadcast for the launch, as well as in some of the teaser videos.

It looks as though HTC is going to be contrasting the edges against the rest of the body. This appears to follow the design of previous Desire devices, a little like the plastic contrast of the Desire 830, for example. For the Desire 10 it's difficult to discern whether this is metal edging a plastic body, or just plastic trim on a plastic body, but it's a distinct gold trim. Nowhereelse.fr says it is a metal build, which will please many if the price is right.

HTC's own teasers go some way to revealing a range of details, all of which happen to match what looks like an official product photo from Evan Blass, @evleaks, who spills the beans on most forthcoming devices. 

This reveals what looks like a slight curve to the rear, but most noticeably, a rear fingerprint sensor. HTC placed one on the front for the HTC 10. The location of the fingerprint scanner is confirmed by HTC itself in yet another teaser video.

With leaks and official sources corroborating, there's little left to the imagination when it comes to design.

HTC Desire 10 display

The VentureBeat source suggests a 5.5-inch display, meaning that the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle is likely to be a large device - larger than the 5.2-inches of the HTC 10. That's not uncommon: the Desire family has produced a number of larger devices with lower prices and plastic builds, and the Desire 10 might fit into that programme - again, the Desire 830 springs to mind, also a 5.5-inch device.

The resolution is suggested as 1280 x 720 pixels. As this is suggested for the Lifestyle, there's a chance that the Desire 10 Pro would offer 1920 x 1080, like the Desire 830, giving a point of differentiation between the two models.

HTC Desire 10 specs

Sitting in the mid-range, it's mid-range hardware that we'd expect to see. VentureBeat pins it down to a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, but there's no details on which model it might be - there's chatter that it could be a Snapdragon 400 series, which will set it at a lower tier than some of the recent mid-range launches, although that might see it offered at a very competitive price. With MediaTek hardware in the One A9s that's just been announced, that's another avenue for HTC's power. 

RAM is given as dependent on territory. This is a common move, offering 2GB/16GB storage or 3GB/32GB storage based on what the market will probably want and be able to sell. Support for microSD card is likely, based on HTC's track record.

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HTC Desire 10 BoomSound: Audio power

One of HTC's signature moves is BoomSound. This has evolved recently from offering stereo front-firing speakers that were class leading, into BoomSound Hi-Fi, which still uses two speakers, but pairs it up with higher quality 24-bit audio processing for headphones, and a premium pair of headphones in the box.

According to VentureBeat's details, the HTC Desire 10 is going to hit hard in the audio department and follow the HTC 10.

HTC Desire 10 software

On the software front things are more predictable. HTC hasn't made any indication of being close to rolling out a Nougat build, so we'd expect Android Marshmallow with HTC Sense at launch. 

As per HTC's other recent launches, we'd expect this to mostly stick to Google's native offering, but changing a few areas where HTC thinks it can make improvements. We liked this experience on the HTC 10, so we'd expect a fairly fuss-free software experience on the Desire 10 models.

HTC Desire 10 cameras

HTC's track record with cameras hasn't been great recently, although the HTC 10 is better than it's been before.

We're expecting to see a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. They are likely to be of the same origin as those in the HTC 10 and offer many of the same tricks, but perhaps with some step-down measures, like restricting 4K video capture. There's mention from Nowhereelse.fr that both cameras will offer stabilisation.

What we can see from the leaked photo, however, is a dual LED flash and the laser autofocus sensor, confirming those technologies.

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HTC Desire 10 release date and price

The HTC Desire 10 is likely to be launching on 20 September. That's the date given in HTC's teaser videos and social media, with an event to be hosted on htc.com/launch, from 8am BST on 20 September.

Although we won't know prices until launch day, there's been the suggestion from known HTC leaker @LlabTooFeR that it will fall into the $150-200 price range.

Writing by Chris Hall.