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(Pocket-lint) - Alright stop, collaborate and listen, HTC's back with a brand new invention.

The HTC Dot View cover has always been one of our favourite cases. It is the sort of funky fresh design that characterises HTC, a cover that lets the display shine through, creating fun 8-bit style visuals.

Well there's a new case in town for the HTC 10 and it's called Ice View.

The HTC Ice View cover is more like an opaque folio case providing plenty of protection for the rear of your phone, with a cover that folds over the display. It lacks those dots of the Dot View cover, but instead will let display content glow through it; it's like Dot View, but much finer. 

You still get many of the same effects, except these don't look like Bitmap Brothers games. You'll be able to get a great deco retro clock, notifications of your choosing, as well as being able to see and return calls without opening the case. 

There's also a quick launcher for the camera. Swipe down twice and the camera will launch, letting you take photos without opening the case. 

Because you can see the display through it, you'll be able to quickly compose and capture your shot, without worrying about opening it up and having the screen cover flapping around. 

The HTC Ice View cover will be available for the HTC 10 smartphone. There's no word on price or availability just yet. Word to your mother.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 11 April 2016.