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(Pocket-lint) - Oh, HTC. Your latest iPhone-bashing advert is just too much.

There is no denying that the HTC One A9 looks a lot like Apple's iPhone, even though HTC has repeatedly said it came up with the original phone design first. Well, in an effort to hammer home how much it now despises the Cupertino company, HTC has recreated Apple's classic 1984 commercial and loaded it with not-so-subtle metaphors, including a scene in which a young man runs across a table and kicks a pile of apples.

Yep. We're not kidding.

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Apple's classic advert was for the original Macintosh. Directed by Ridley Scott, it features an athelete hurling a hammer and rebelling toward an oppressive regime where everyone looks and acts the same. At the time, that opressive regime was IBM, and Apple wanted people to be different (aka buy the Macintosh instead of IBM's products). Now, 30 years later, HTC wants you to buy the One A9 instead of the iPhone.

By copying Apple's 1984 commerical, it's hoping to encourage present-day mobile users to break free of the iPhone culture. It's proclaiming you should "Be Loud, Be Free, Be Inspired, Be Brilliant", which is another rip-off on Apple's "Think Different" advertising slogan, but ironically, HTC wants you to buy what others have described as an "iPhone clone" in your mission to be break free.

You can check out HTC's commercial below.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 6 November 2015.