If you’re an HTC user who either wants to get rid of BlinkFeed already, or will want to when the new adverts start appearing, there is a way.

BlinkFeed can be useful for pulling in information from various feeds. But HTC has announced that it will begin dropping adverts into your feed as part of a testing phase.

This means adverts for products and services will be slipped into all your other items so it looks like they're part of your feed.

If ads already annoy you when in plain sight, these could be even worse.

So how do you turn off BlinkFeed?

Since HTC updated its UI with Sense 5.5 the option to turn-off BlinkFeed has been available and pretty straight forward.

From the home screen, pinch your fingers together to open the home screen overview. From here simply tap the BlinkFeed On/Off icon in the top left. Yup, it's that simple.

Before you decide to do away with BlinkFeed it's worth noting these new ads are only in the testing phases. That means the number of "promotions" appearing will be "limited" says HTC.

HTC also says the "promotions" will be relevant to you and could help you discover new apps and services you might like. It could also just be really annoying.

If you do decide you want BlinkFeed back on, simply follow the above steps again to turn it back on.

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