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(Pocket-lint) - HTC Sense 7 makes its debut on the HTC One M9, the new flagship 2015 handset from HTC.

Sitting on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Sense 7 isn't a major reworking of HTC's user interface, but it does make a few changes and introduce some new features.

Here's some of the top new features in Sense 7 to get excited about. 


HTC is going even larger with customisation through a new app called Themes. 

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The Themes app will let you change just about everything about the look of your phone, with a wide range of options available.

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If that sounds too complicated, then you can have the entire process automated, just by picking a photo as a starting point. The Themes app then sets your new wallpaper and picks out major colour tones which it uses across the device. 

You can change icon images, icon shapes, colours, styles of navigation buttons, with lots of options. There are a number of Themes you can download, and there's the potential to have shared themes, team themes and so on in the future.

Best of all, it's really easy.

Navigation control options

HTC is now letting you change the navigation controls across the bottom of the display.

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You might have learnt to live with back, home and recent apps, but now you can change the order of these controls and the options you have on your main navigation bar. 

You can add options like notifications, to save you having to swipe them down, screen rotation, hide the navigation bar or turn the screen off. It gives you useful controls and for those with smaller hands it might make notifications much easier to handle.

Sense Home

HTC Sense wants to make app management easier with a new widget, called Sense Home.

It wants to organise some of your main apps and then using your location, offer the apps you're most likely to need.

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If you have a set of apps you use at home - like Netflix or Sonos Controller - then when you're at home, they will be right there on your home screen. 

At work you might have productivity apps or your calendar appear and when you're out, you might want Citymapper, Spotify, Threes.

The idea is to make it easy to get to your frequently used apps in those different conditions and save you having to dig through the apps tray to find what you're looking for. 

There is a suggested apps folder in there, which has the potential to serve up some spam, but you can always delete it if you don't like it.

Photo Editor

There's a new range of photo editing options and photo effects that you can apply.

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Some fun features from before still survive, like Face Fusion, but now there's a wide range of elements you can add to photos - like snow or shapes - and you can also mask areas of the pictures so the effect only shows where you want it. 

Then there's a double exposure option that will allow you to merge two photos for some interesting results. There's also an amusing prism effect that can only be for creating weird album covers.

Of course you get normal options to tweak the photos you take to make them look better too.

And a whole lot more…

There's a new Fit Fun app, which is an activity tracker but with a slightly more refreshing design.

HTC's TV app has been unskinned, so you just have the Peel Smart Remote app instead. That means you'll get updates when the core app is improved. 

Gallery is designed to be universal, with all your photos from online albums included, but deduplicated so you only see one version of those holiday photos.

BoomSound Connect will bring compatibility with AllPlay, so if you have multiroom speakers using AllPlay, you'll be able to control them natively from your phone, rather than using another app.

You'll get a morning briefing telling you what's coming up for the day on your lock screen, as well as BlinkFeed suggestions telling places you might like to eat around meal times.

Finally, there's going to be a camera store, meaning you can expand the options of the camera, with a Pro app giving you access to raw photo data.

We will of course bring you a fuller rundown of HTC Sense once we have the HTC One M9 for review.

Writing by Chris Hall.