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(Pocket-lint) - The HTC One M9 has just been completely outed. And it looks like the leaks are from a genuine, official source.

HTC is only a few days away from announcing the One M9 at Mobile World Congress, and even though a tonne of details about the upcoming flagship have already leaked, it's still exciting when something major like promo videos surface online.

A notorious leaker known as @upleaks somehow got ahold of promotional videos made by HTC for the One M9 and posted them to YouTube. Pocket-lint has provided a gallery of screenshots taken from the videos, just in case they get pulled. The videos not only introduce the One M9 but also show off the device's camera and HTC theme.

Here are the videos, but at the time of writing it appears two have already been unlisted (update: now all three). Thankfully though, we've also grabbed a load of screenshots from the clips so you can look through them in our gallery above.

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With the Samsung Galaxy S6 official teasers and numerous leaks, plus these videos, we wonder if there will be anything at MWC to see that'll be a surprise.

HTC One M9 - Introduction

HTC One M9 - Camera

HTC One M9 - HTC Theme

For more details about what the HTC One M9 might feature, check out our round-up.

Writing by Elyse Betters.