Doc G of P.M. Dawn fame is a self confessed HTC superfan, and what better way to express his love of the HTC One M8 than via the medium of hip-hop?

There's little else to say on this one. Doc G tells it like it is, extolling the virtues of BoomSound, mocking the iPhone's move from glass to aluminium, and saying the Galaxy is overrated.

If you're wondering who Doc G's sidekick is, that's David Bruce, presenter of The HTC Show on YouTube.

If you want to see a little more behind the scenes with Doc G, the check out the accompanying HTC Today video, in which you'll hear Doc G spit such wisdom as:

"The competition, plain and simple, I don't fool with 'em. You're polycarbonate, we straight aluminum, your style's bin, ours is 90 per cent."