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(Pocket-lint) - Don't worry about trying to hunt down the best HTC Desire Eye deal on the high street in the UK. You won't find it anywhere as Three is the only operator stocking it, and it's exclusive to them for the foreseeable future.

"Three is the only UK operator to offer the new HTC Desire Eye smartphone alongside the brand new Re handheld camera," the operator told Pocket-lint on Wednesday following the launch of the new phone in New York.

Customers opting for the selfie phone will get an All-You-Can-Eat-Data and 4G at no extra cost, the ability to call, text and use data in 16 countries abroad (including the USA, France, Italy and Australia) as if you were at home in the UK, and phone 0800 numbers for free.

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The new phone plans to stand out from the crowd by featuring a 13 megapixel camera not only on the rear, but also and on the front of the device allowing you to take selfies.

"The HTC Desire Eye is an interesting device. It is fun in design and has fun ambitions. It wants to rule the selfie roost and we're impressed that HTC hasn't just pitched this out with a higher-resolution sensor and nothing else. The addition of a flash is interesting, but we're most impressed by the additional options that the software brings," states our own Chris Hall who has been playing with the new phone already ahead of the launch.

The company says that it will also be selling the new Re camera too, although the implication is that you'll be able to get that elsewhere too.

Writing by Stuart Miles.