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(Pocket-lint) - HTC plans to release a standalone beta of its Zoe camera software later this week for Android devices. Only it's going to be a bit more social.

Recode has reported that HTC's most noteworthy apps will no longer be limited to HTC-made devices. The company plans to allow other devices from Samsung, LG, Sony, etc, to download and use its apps. Drew Bamford, head of HTC's Creative Labs division, has confirmed Recode's report. In other words, much like BlackBerry, which has been capitalising on BBM in recent months, HTC appears to be building a software business out of its popular apps.

Zoe will be the first app to launch. It first debuted alongside the HTC One M7, allowing HTC device oweners to auto-create video clips from photos stored in the camera roll. The app also includes features like soundtrack and transitions and sharing. And now, or at least sometime soon, non-HTC device owners will have access to the app and its engaging set of features. The company is hoping to start an active community of Zoe users, akin to Instagram and Vine's rapidly-growing userbase.

In fact, HTC apparently wants Zoe to become a hub for viewing and sharing content. Such a transition shouldn't come as too much of a surprise however. The company similarly announced in March that it wouldn't be selfish with the new version of BlinkFeed within Sense 6.0, revealing it wanted to open the app to Android devices from other manufacturers. BlinkFeed hasn't yet launched, but Recode indicated HTC is working on rolling out Zoe and other apps in the coming weeks.

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HTC has a few ideas up its sleeve in terms of how it plans to get you to use Zoe as well. It plans on partnering with people from the music and sports world, for instance, but it hasn't provided any specific details at this time.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 13 August 2014.